Use Google Adwords to get the right eyes viewing your videos

So, you’ve just created an awesome video showcasing all the top features of your new product. Exciting times!

Now you have to figure out how expose your work to people who are actually going to want to buy it. One way to do this is to upload your video unto the second biggest search engine in existence, aka YouTube. You add all the relevant keywords you can think of, hit the upload button and wait on the edge of you seat for the hits to accumulate.

Although this method is cost free, it doesn’t guarantee that your video is going to be seen by the right people at the right time.

I’ve recently discovered a new service that eliminates all the guess work out of video marketing.

With Google AdWords for video, powered by YouTube, you decide when and where your video pops up and you only pay if people choose to watch it.

You can target your specific audience and potentially drive more buying customers to your website. Running your video ad campaigns is similar to a Google AdWords campaign, where you can test multiple keywords, and pin point which country’s to pitch to. You’ll discover who’s watching your video, whether or not they are watching it to the end, and how they respond to it. You can set you budget to the last penny so there is no need to break the bank. Plus there is no minimum spend required making the service perfect for experimenting the effectiveness of your video.

The main feature that I think is cool is that if the viewer decides not to watch your video, you don’t pay a thing.

This function applies to the Trueview video option of the service. When someone clicks on the video that relates to your keyword, your ad will start playing. After 5 seconds, the viewer is given the option to “skip” the ad, which if they do so you will not be charged. You are only charged when someone watches up to 30 seconds or the entire ad. This way you can be certain the person viewing is already interested in what you have to offer.

AdWords for video also gives you the option of advertising on the Google display network. To Target potential customers, simply pick topics or keywords that are relevant to your business. Google display network then places your adverts onto relevant sites stamping your brand in the forefront of their minds.

Many businesses in a diverse range of industries are already reaping the benefits of Adwords for video. Although this may sound like a sales pitch, we are in no way affiliated with the service. At Motion Worx we are always open to exploring new ways of marketing our videos and in my opinion this is one of the most efficient ways of capturing your audience’s attention. If you have a video to promote, check out Google AdWords for video, do your research and see if the service can help you accomplish your goals.

I’d love to hear your opinions on your experience in video market so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.