Drum roll please! It’s finally here… The Motion Worx Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Motion Worx blog. If you are reading this we’re shocked that you’ve been able to pry your eyeball s away from our amazing videos! But since you are here, we’re going to tell you what this blog’s all about.

Here you’ll find all the latest news on how video is being used to educated, instruct, pitch to, and entertain people. You’ll learn about cool service updates, where we find inspiration for our videos, and we’ll show you how to optimise your video’s so more of your audience will get to see it!

Plus, you’ll get to see case studies with recent clients on how they have used video to drive traffic, introduce products, and stand out from the competition. We promise to make this blog more interesting than reading your televisions user manual!

In the coming weeks you’ll find posts on why your business should be using video, how to optimize your video content, and how to used Google AdWords to grow your business on YouTube.

So bookmark this blog, email to a friend or colleague, and let’s spread the latest news on the blossoming relationship between video and business. And of course, we’d love to hear your feedback on how you feel about video, and what you’d like to see discussed in the future.

Until next time,