3 big reasons why it’s time to invest in an explainer video

Just in case you didn’t get the gist of the unavoidable video on our home page, here are 3 important reasons why your business should be using video to promote your business, and its products and services.

It’s fast!

In 1 to 2 minutes you can show your audience exactly what you are about and how they can get their hands on what you have to offer. Not only that, video offers you the freedom to tell your story in so many ways.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. We’ll if that’s the case, a video must be worth 10 thousand! You can engage your viewer with humour, controversy, and cold hard hitting facts simultaneously. Imagine how many paragraphs of text you would need to convey all that on your website!

It works – the numbers don’t lie!

When explainer videos are made the right way, they produce results. Consumers are viewing product videos and making purchase decisions because of the information in those videos.

In this recent article, 57 per cent of consumers claimed that video increased the confidence they had when making a purchase. More retailers are investing in creating product videos, likely due to the increase in computer usage and comfort of viewing videos.

Video content is more convenient.

Mobile browsing has exploded over the past 2 years with the likes of Apple and Samsung dominating the smartphone market. This has driven many businesses to invest in making their websites more mobile friendly, but in reality mobile browsing can still be a struggle. People would prefer to watch an informative video on their phones as opposed to thumbing through lines of hard to read text on a tiny screen.

Smart phone screen’s and video are a match made in heaven. Given the choice most people would likely choose to watch an engaging video for information as opposed to thumbing through lines of tiny text on a 3 inch display.

Check out this video if you need some points hammered home.

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