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Showcase your Business Online with an Animated Marketing Video

At Motion Worx we make high quality animated demo videos that brainwash your audience into buying your products and services! Well, we can’t actually brainwash people, but we do create animated presentations in a fun, engaging and memorable way that can positively influence your visitors purchasing decisions.

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  • Professional, easy to achieve what we were looking for with your expert guidance and support. The videos we have commissioned have always been delivered on time and budget. Terry Carney, Sales Remedy Director

  • The Motion Worx team understood our brand and produced with a quality video which we continue to use to market our services. Always easy to work with and very affordable. John Carter, Synergy Computers Founder

  • I've been impressed with the quality of the work, especially the high attention to detail. I'm looking forward to collaborating with the Motion Worx team on future video projects. Maruf Rahman, Bright Cherry Web Design Director

Are you…

Frustrated that your website isn’t performing as well as it should?

Maybe you want to boost the amount of leads via your contact form or generate consistent sales through your BUY NOW button.

Your website may have a high bounce rate because you can’t seem to keep your visitors on your homepage long enough to make a positive impression on them, and cosmetic changes to your sales copy and images just aren’t producing the results you want.

Perhaps your website is performing well, but you want to reach out to more potential customers and skyrocket your sales even further.

How do you speak with your websites visitors?

We know that using images plus voice-over is the best way to make your message stick in people’s minds.

Communicating both verbally and visually not only boosts the amount of information people remember, but you can explain all the great things about your product quickly before you lose your viewers’ attention.

Also, people get bored easily these days. With the abundance of stimulation people are exposed to via YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, we have begun to develop Attention Deficit Disorder when we are online. This is why it’s so important to find a way to glue your audience’s eyeballs to your homepage!

The moment your visitors enter your page you have their undivided attention. So, the more information you can communicate to them in a shortest amount of time, the better.

Does your website present your information in a fast, fun and engaging way?

Our web videos explain what you do in 90 seconds or less

  • Boost your Conversions

    Our secret script writing formula is geared towards increasing your online conversions by turning your prospects into customers. We take them from where they are now, frustrated and in need of a solution, to where they want to be, attaining their goals and desires with the aid of your amazing product, service or app.

  • Improved User Experience

    An animated marketing video can improve your websites user experience and in turn reduce your bounce rate. As well as being captivating to watch, we show viewers how they can start to use your service during the video. Your visitors will be more likely to interact with your website and click where you want them to click!

  • Expand your Social Reach

    We recommend uploading your videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter because people love to share valuable content. Link your video to emails as part of an online marketing campaign. 55% of marketers who used video in their email marketing campaigns reported increased click through rates. Further more, explainer videos are a useful sales tool at exhibitions and presentations.

We take care of everything

After our initial consultation, you can get back to running your business while we take care of all the video related stuff. You’ll be updated throughout the process. Here’s what’s included in the package;

  • A Free Comprehensive Consultation
  • Powerful Goal Driven Script
  • Storyboard with Visual Elements
  • Professional Voice-Over
  • High Quality Motion Graphics
  • One Royalty Free Soundtrack
  • Full HD Format
  • Unlimited Revisions

Recent work

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